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QuickStart: System File Checker tool for Windows

Overview The System File Checker tool (SFC) calculates a hash for each Windows system file, and compares it with the hash from the original system file. An un-modified version of all system files are kept in the Winsxs folder in Windows Vista and later. In Windows XP and earlier, you must use an OS CD…

QuickStart: Port scanning with nmap

Disclaimer: Port scanning anything other than your own machines on your own LAN can be considered illegal and a precursor to attack. I do not condone port scanning anything other than your own PCs, or any type of illegal activity. Overview Port scanning is a way to discover open ports on a machine. This can…

QuickStart: VIM (Vi)

VIM (Vi IMproved) is installed by default, in one way or another, on most every flavor of UNIX and Linux. This is one of its best features. If you take a minute to learn it, you will be able to quickly edit text files from the command line on any *NIX box you come across….