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HowTo: Install MediaWiki on Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS

References MediaWiki Manual:Installation Guide Install MediaWiki on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with Apache2, MariaDB and PHP 7.1 Support How to Install MediaWiki on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS MariaDB Repositories Prerequisites A working installation of Ubuntu Server LAN access to Ubuntu Server Install Apache2 sudo apt install apache2 -y Disable directory listing sudo sed -i “s/Options Indexes FollowSymLinks/Options…

Kali 2018.2 Post-Install Guide

Quick Links Kali Downloads Page Kali Hard Disk Install Kali Dual Boot w/Windows Kali Installation Troubleshooting Kali Linux 2.0 Top 10 Post Install Tips Disable Screenlock Install Software apt-get install htop metagoofil firewalk -y Download Nessus Upgrade && Cleanup apt–get clean && apt–get update && apt–get upgrade –y && apt–get dist–upgrade –y && apt autoremove

HowTo: Install Gnome Desktop on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Notes There are several tutorials that will tell you to add Gnome PPAs, these are no longer supported in 16.04 LTS as of 04/2017. This post assumes you’ll be using only Gnome, if you want to run both Unity and Gnome, choose “lightdm” as the display manager. Unity will be replaced by Gnome in 18.04…

Error – mount: unknown filesystem type ‘exfat’

Check to see if exfat drivers are installed dpkg -l | grep ‘exfat’ If not installed, run sudo apt-get install exfat-fuse exfat-utils

Commands: Sudo!!

If you’re like me, you often forget to type sudo before a command that requires admin privileges and you probably see a lot of messages like this: Simply type sudo!! to add the sudo command to the beginning of your last command

HowTo: Set up an Ubuntu workstation on an ESXi server

Overview This guide will show you how to install a Ubuntu workstation on ESXi, and connect to it via RDP. Initial Setup Download ISO Build VM w/16GB & 100GB drives, 2 vCPUs and 4GBs of RAM Attach ISO, boot, install Ubuntu (installation guide) VMware tools installation Initiate the VMware tools installation through vsphere client Extract the…

QuickStart: Port scanning with nmap

Disclaimer: Port scanning anything other than your own machines on your own LAN can be considered illegal and a precursor to attack. I do not condone port scanning anything other than your own PCs, or any type of illegal activity. Overview Port scanning is a way to discover open ports on a machine. This can…

HowTo: install an rpm package in Ubuntu

  Overview Packages in Linux are pre-compiled binaries that can be used to easily install software. Debian and Debian derivative (Ubuntu, Mint) distributions use .deb packages. Redhat and Redhat derivative (Fedora, CentOS) distributions use .rpm packages. Sometimes you need to install a package in Ubuntu, but an rpm package is all that is available. You…

QuickStart: VIM (Vi)

VIM (Vi IMproved) is installed by default, in one way or another, on most every flavor of UNIX and Linux. This is one of its best features. If you take a minute to learn it, you will be able to quickly edit text files from the command line on any *NIX box you come across….

Review: Crunchbang Linux 10 “Statler”

Name:   Crunchbang Linux Version:   10 “Statler” Kernel:   2.6.32-5-amd64 Window Manager:   Openbox Package Manager:   APT Based on:   Debian The installation was very quick and Debian-like. The whole process took 06:08.7 minutes from Live CD boot to installed desktop. At first boot, I was presented with a beautiful Openbox desktop complete with conky already running and two…