Month: April 2011

QuickStart: VIM (Vi)

VIM (Vi IMproved) is installed by default, in one way or another, on most every flavor of UNIX and Linux. This is one of its best features. If you take a minute to learn it, you will be able to quickly edit text files from the command line on any *NIX box you come across….

Review: Crunchbang Linux 10 “Statler”

Name:   Crunchbang Linux Version:   10 “Statler” Kernel:   2.6.32-5-amd64 Window Manager:   Openbox Package Manager:   APT Based on:   Debian The installation was very quick and Debian-like. The whole process took 06:08.7 minutes from Live CD boot to installed desktop. At first boot, I was presented with a beautiful Openbox desktop complete with conky already running and two…

HowTo: CSS code boxes

The easiest way to create boxes for code in your website is to use CSS. This can be done by setting up your own custom element, or by defining the <pre> tag. I like to use the <pre> tag because it obeys spaces and line breaks. This is fine as long as you don’t want to use…