I find myself having to re-install Windows Vista every once in awhile. I wrote this guide to help myself remember how to quickly set it up the way I like it. This guide begins after the Windows Vista is installed.

Update Windows:
  • Click Start “Orb” in bottom right hand corner. Type “Windows Update” Hit “Enter”

    Install drivers not covered by Windows Update:

    • To check what drivers are still needed, click on start “orb,” right-click on “Computer,” select “Manage”

    • Select “Device Manager” This will display a list of all the different hardware devices in your system. Devices with a “!” do not have a driver installed. The best place to download a driver is from the device manufacturer’s website. Always run Windows Update first, this will install drivers for most common hardware. 


    • Right click anywhere on desktop. Click “Personalize.” Click “Window Color and Appearance”
    Select “Windows Aero” and click “OK”
    • Now click “Window Color and Appearance” again and a different window shows up. Mix to your liking.

    • Right click on the taskbar (bottom of screen.) Click “Properties.” Select “Notification Area” tab.
    Un-check “Hide inactive icons”

    • Change to “Start Menu” tab, click “Customize…” button. Scroll to the bottom of the white box.

    Select the middle radio button under “System administrative tools.” Un-check “Use large icons.” Change the number of recent programs to display to “20” un-check “E-mail link.” Click “OK” button on both windows.

    Install Programs: